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Welcome to the Janco Dada Museum

The Janco-Dada Museum is situated in the center of the Ein Hod Artists' Village, twenty km south of Haifa, not far from the Haifa-Tel Aviv highway. Founded in 1983 by a group of friends and admirers of the artist Marcel Janco, the museum contains several display galleries. The permanent display is dedicated to Janco's artistic creation; the Entrance Gallery is slated for young artists and special projects; the lower gallery exhibits contemporary art; and the Pit for video art projections. The museum also features a youth wing and a Dadalab – a unique art laboratory.

Now at the museum:

A short film about the muesum activities:
Every Saturday from 11:00-14:00 special activities at the Dadalab
for more information call: 04-9842350
New Exhibition:
Marcel Janco - Imaginary Animals 
New Exhibitions:
Amir Nave-Nowhere. Curator: Meira Perry-Lehman
3 Wall works: Mohamad Fadel; Liat Klein; Pavel Zehnbacht