Theatrical tours

Theatrical tour around Ein Hod Artists’ Village


The tour includes visiting Marcel Janco’s studio, touring the picturesque artists’ village, and visiting the Janco-Dada Museum.

The Dadalab team building workshop for groups


Active workshop that invites visitors to step into the shoes of a Dada artist and create in various techniques: collage, assemblage, ready-made and Dada poetry.


Tours in Ein Hod Artists’ Village


Tour of the village picturesque lanes and alleys.

Visit to the studio of Marcel Janco, where unique wall paintings of the artist have been exposed and restored lately.Visit at the museum permanent display of Marcel Janco’s life work, and in the changing exhibitions of modern contemporary art.

Activities for families, couples, and FITs


Workshops; the Dadalab workshop; tour of the artists’ village; tour of the museum exhibitions.

Fun tour at Ein Hod and the Janco-Dada Museum


Social welding workshop for teams; theatrical tour; short guided tour of the museum exhibitions.


Guided tour of a unique settlement – Ein Hod Artists’ Village and the Janco-Dada Museum


Tour of the artists’ village and visit to Marcel Janco’s studio,

Social welding workshop for teams; short  tour of the museum exhibitions