Exhibitions Archive


On all the museum floors: Marcel Janco, “In the Struggle” – paintings from the 1940s, curator: Gideon Ofrat (catalogue). / Philip Rantzer, “From the Diary of a Freedom Fighter”, installation, curator: Dalia Manor (catalogue).


Pierre Alechinsky, prints, lawn from the Tefen Open Museum. / “Homage to the Black Line” – artists-students of Marcel Janco pay tribute to their teacher, curator: Doron Bar-Adon (catalogue). / “Pier Praquin, Graphiste” – 200 years anniversary of the French revolution and the Icograda conference, curator: Roni Rechav (brochure and poster). / Hannah Höch, collages, in cooperation with the Goethe Institute, curator in charge: Raya Zommer (catalogue). / “Beyond the Frame – Five Photographers”, curator: Shuka Glotman (catalogue).


Entrance Gallery: Dani Elias, curator: Raya Zommer. / Marcel Janco, “On The Edge” – holocaust drawings, curators: Sara Hakkert and Avi Hurwitz (catalogue and poster). / Entrance Gallery: Homage to Shmuel Raayoni, curator: Raya Zommer. / Dan Levin, “Lines in Space”, installation, curator: Sara Hakkert (catalogue). / Amnon Ben-Ami, “Logos”, one-person exhibition, curator: Sorin Heller (catalogue). / Entrance Gallery: Dada posters exhibition, co-production with the Haifa WIZO Academy.


Yigal Ozeri, “Material– Light”, following the exhibition in Hamishkan LeOmanut Ein Harod (poster). / Andre Verlon (Willy Verkauf), “Against the Enemies of Humanity”, curator: Sara Hakkert (catalogue). / Marcel Janco, collages. / Shelter 209, “Dada Head”, curator: Raya Zommer (catalogue). / “Imagewriting – the verbal component in Israeli art towards the 1990s”, group exhibition, curator: Sara Hakkert (catalogue).


In both the Museum floors: “Beyond the Wall”, group exhibition in cooperation with Checkpoint Charlie Museum, Berlin, curator: Raya Zommer (catalogue). / Entrance Gallery: Marcel Janco, display of works dealing with human rights, curator: Raya Zommer. / “The Next Generation”, group exhibition, curators: Sorin Heller and Sara Hakkert (brochure). / Entrance Gallery: Dalia Zerachia, painting, curator: Sara Hakkert (brochure). / Yoram Affek, sculptures, curator: Sara Hakkert (brochure). / “Sculpture towards Theater”, group exhibition, curator: Sorin Heller (catalogue). / Entrance Gallery: Eyal Perry, “Orpheus in Hell”, photography, curator: Sara Hakkert (brochure).


Entrance Gallery: Ruth Raviv, paintings, curator: Sara Hakkert (brochure). / Tessy Pfeffer-Cohen, “Accumulated Sculpture”, curator: Sorin Heller (catalogue). / Entrance Gallery: Yitshak De-Lange, “New Works”, paintings, curator: Sorin Heller (brochure and catalogue). / Entrance Gallery: Daphna Shapira, installation, curator: Sorin Heller (brochure). / Inauguration of the new Marcel Janco’s permanent exhibition. / Sima Slonim, “Figures an Scenes”, retrospective, curator: Naomi Livneh (catalogue). Uri Siani, “First Move”, curator: Ruti Direktor (brochure). / Honi Hameagel, “Wake Up Little Suzie”, installation, curator: Raya Zommer (catalogue and poster). / Entrance Gallery: Sara Konforti, “Sfumato”, photography, curator: Sorin Heller (catalogue and poster). / Entrance Gallery: Mario Segev, “Worship Patterns”, sculpture, curator: Sara Hakkert (brochure). / Ronit Etrog, “Princes – Points of View”, curator: Alec Mishory (catalogue). / Entrance Gallery: “Match Box Enclosed”, production of the Yavne Art Workshop (poster).


“First Person Unknown”, group exhibition, curator: Monica Lavi (catalogue). / Entrance Gallery: Anat Goral, photography, curator: Sorin Heller (brochure). / Flechemuller and Avraham Eilat, “Junk or Wonderful Unities”, curator: Raya Zommer (catalogue). / Entrance Gallery: Relli De-Vries, “Reconstruction in Three Parts”, installation, curator: Sorin Heller (brochure). / In the permanent exhibition floor: “Merci Marcel” – ten-year anniversary of Marcel Janco’s death, curator: Sorin Heller (poster). / Alexander (Sasha) Okun, “Shaar Hayishuv”, installation, co-production with the Museum of Art, Ein Harod, curator: Raya Zommer (catalogue). / “Two Years of the Entrance Gallery”, curator: Raya Zommer. / “Objet Lu”, group exhibition, curator: Sorin Heller (catalogue). / Entrance Gallery: Atsmon Ganor, “Eyes Teeth”, curator: Sorin Heller (catalogue). / “Object”, design group exhibition, curator: Zofia Dekel (catalogue). / Entrance Gallery: Inga Fonar Cocus, “There are no Black Hives”, curator: Sorin Heller (catalogue).


Naomi Siman-Tov, “Works 1984-1994”, curator: Sorin Heller (catalogue). / Entrance Gallery: Hagai Arman, “Front Five” installation, curator: Raya Zommer (catalogue). / Entrance Gallery: Zila Friedman, “Daily Survival”, curator: Sorin Heller (brochure). / Jack Jano, “Journey”, production by Ashdod Art Museum. / Marcel Janco, “Abstract with a Tangible Hat”, curator: Sorin Heller (poster). / Entrance Gallery: Miriam Cabessa, “Palindrome”, installation, curator: Sorin Heller (brochure). / “Fragmentations”, group exhibition, curator: Sorin Heller (catalogue). / Entrance Gallery: Ronit Agassi, “Giornata”, curator: Sorin Heller (catalogue).


David Ginton, “Blue-White Trompe L’oeil”, curator: Sorin Heller (catalogue). / Entrance Gallery: “Desire for Non-Identity”, group exhibition, curator: Ilana Tenenbaum (brochure). Jean-Jacques Rullier, “With What Mirror Can Daniel See His Image?”, curator Yona Fischer (book and poster). / Entrance Gallery: Miri Nishri, “Water Break”, installation, curator: Havatzelet Kolodro (catalogue). / Entrance Gallery: Ruth Arion, paintings. / Entrance Gallery: Honi Hameagel and the “Homeli” chain-store company, “Cold Shower”, installation, curator: Raya Zommer (catalogue and poster). / Shuli Nachshon, “Blue Whale”, video installation, curator: Daphna Naor (catalogue). / Entrance Gallery: Orna Millo, “Meaning-Mean”, installation, curator: Rachel Sukman (catalogue). / Entrance Gallery: Josyane, “Works on Paper”, curator: Raya Zommer (brochure). / Yehudit Sasportas, “Trash-Can Scale”, curator: Yona Fischer (catalogue). / Entrance Gallery: Ram Samocha, “Dachel”, curator: Sorin Heller (catalogue).


Tav Group, “Pit”, curator: Raya Zommer (catalogue). / “Marcel Janco as a Zionist Artist”, curator: Raya Zommer. / Entrance Gallery: Aya Ben-Ron, “Moving Pictures”, curator: Sorin Heller (brochure and disc). / Entrance Gallery: Homage to Ben-Zion Magal, curator: Raya Zommer. / Genia Berger, “Opera Painter”, curator: Orna Ben-Meir (catalogue production by Omanut La’am). / Entrance Gallery: “New Works and Acquisitions”. / Entrance Gallery: Oz Almog, “Vienna Archive”, curator: Boaz Tal (catalogue). / “Energy”, group exhibition, curator: Sorin Heller (catalogue). / Ruven Kuperman, “The First Egg Laid at the Janco-Dada”, curator: Boaz Tal (catalogue).


Arie Berkovitz, “Important Things are Invisible”, curator: Raya Zommer (catalogue). / Orit Hasson, “Body Suit”, curator: Raya Zommer (catalogue). / Yehudit Matzkel, “Soldier’s Mother”, curator: Raya Zommer (catalogue). / Gershon Davidovich, “Impressions in Drawing”, curator: Gabi Ma’anit. / “Liora Kanterewicz 1998”, sculpture, curator: Yaakov Mishori (catalogue). / Gary Goldstein, “Une Bonne Nouvelle qui vous rendra heureux”, curator: Sorin Heller (artist book). / Ruth Helbetz-Cohen, “Sweet Dreams”, curator: Raya Zommer (catalogue). / Raphaelo Mass, “The Screw”. / Entrance Gallery: Dani Eshet, photography, curator: Raya Zommer (book). / “Kol Hakavod” – group exhibition, curator: Haim Maor (catalogue).


Tav Group, “Merging”, curator: Shir Meller Yamaguchi. / Eluard Bayer (Germany), “Vis-à-vis the Landscape”; Osa Elsen (Sweden), “Salt 2”, curator: Yona Fischer. / Roni Ben-Zvi, “Lavdanim”, curator: Raya Zommer (catalogue). / Entrance Gallery: Liat Sides, “Strike”, curator: Sorin Heller (video cassette and brochure). / “Urban Reflection”, group exhibition, photography, curator: Offer Ze’evi (catalogue production by Omanut La’am). / Ziva Netanel, “Waiting for Serenity to Come”, curator: Haim Maor (brochure). / Yuval Shaul, 1996-1999, curator: Sorin Heller (book). / Entrance Gallery: Vered Pirchi Linenberg, “Overcoming-Falling”, curator: Raya Zommer (catalogue). / Entrance Gallery: Ruth Kestenbaum Ben-Dov, “In the Body of Text”, curator: Haim Maor (catalogue). / Entrance Gallery: Avraham Bazak, “Circus”, curator: Raya Zommer (catalogue). / “About the Body”, group exhibition, curator: Arie Berkovitz (catalogue).


Entrance Gallery: Dani Eshel, “Processing a Hold”, curator: Raya Zommer (catalogue). / Marcel Janco, “Adventure in the Theater”, curator: Orna Ben-Meir (catalogue). / Entrance Gallery: Dror Karta, “Materials for Thought”, curator: Boaz Tal (catalogue). / Entrance Gallery: Dror Kedem, wall work. / Michael Rapoport, “Blue Bird”, curator: Diana Dallal (catalogue). / Entrance Gallery: Ruth Agassi, “Apolonia Bay”, curator: Sorin Heller (catalogue). / Leonard Kogan, “The Wall of…” / Arik Mirenda, wall work. / Honi Hameagel, “Great Scrolls of Fire”, curator: Raya Zommer (catalogue). / Entrance Gallery: Andrei and Olga Galdin, “Gemstone Draws More”, curator: Raya Zommer (poster-catalogue). / “Observation Time”, group Exhibition, curator: Batia Donner (catalogue).


“The Mundane Muse”, group exhibition, curators: Ada Naamani and Miri Taragan (catalogue). / Tammy Tal, “The Lips Zone”, curator: Boaz Tal (catalogue). / Yael Seggev, “Sinking”, curator: Boaz Tal (catalogue). / Shosh Graetz, wall work. / Hana Ninio, wall work. / Meirav Hadar, “Milk Kills and Poison Cures”, curator: Yitshak Djever (catalogue). / Offer Shafrir, “Placed in the Landscape”, curator: Rachel Nachshon (brochure). / Dorota Bielas, “Schedule of Lessons for Monday”, Lida Sharet Massad. / Yoram Diamant, “The Four Elements”, wall work. / “Invisible Power” – digital Media, group exhibition, curator: Galit Eilat. / “7 Up”, group exhibition, curators: Raya Zommer, Abi Shek, Kristof Georgen, Ashok Kapur (catalogue). / Shirli and Liat Chen, “Supersensual Touch”, curator: Tuvia Avraham. / “Aspects of Femininity”, video exhibition, curator: Doron Furman. / Shuli Nachshon, “Germination Site no. 1”, curator: Daphna Naor.


“Play Boyz”, group exhibition, curator: Yitshak Djever (catalogue). / Ayelet Payento, “Sunflowers”, curator: Boaz Tal (catalogue). Jack Jano, “The Inside Sees the Outside”, curator: Raya Zommer (catalogue). / Mira Zeder, wall work. / “Message in a Bottle”, group exhibition, curator: Shir Meller Yamaguchi. / Paula Modersohn-Becker and the Worpswede Artists, “Drawings and prints 1895-1906”, in cooperation with the Goethe Institute. / Yonit Kadosh, “Bookdust”, curator: Raya Zommer (catalogue). / Keren Cytter, wall work. / Elyasaf Kowner, “Car Portraits”, curator: Shlomi Schwartzberg, (co-production of catalogue with the Ort Braude College). / “A Leap Dadawards”, group exhibition, curator: Raya Zommer (book). / Carmit Weizman, “Night Work”, curator: Raya Zommer (catalogue). / In the Olive Press Gallery: Yoav Ben-Dov, “Olive Press”, installation. / Eva Keil, photography, curator: Raya Zommer. / “Alien” – encounter between works of art and design, group exhibition, curator: Arie Berkovitz (catalogue). / David Wapner and Ana Kamusso, “Siesta Games”, curator: Raya Zommer (catalogue).


Guest artist from Düsseldorf, “Shalom-Salam” / “Unnatural Nature”, curator: Arie Berkovitz (catalogue). / Assi Meshullam, “Amazonas”, curators: Raya Zommer and Ora Kraus (catalogue). / Yoav Hanan, “First One-Person Show”, curator: Ketzia Alon (catalogue). / Adva Drori, “Clap Your Hands”, curator: Raya Zommer. / Dudu Bareket, “Arabisch-Deutsches”, curator: Raya Zommer. / “Beauty and the East”, six video artists from Bulgaria, curator: Maria Vasileva (poster-catalogue). / Asaf Rahat, wall work. / Lily Poran, “Torn Shoes”, curator: Raya Zommer (catalogue). / Lisa Gross, “…And the Bones Came Together…”, curator: Yitshak Djever (book). / Eitan Ben-Moshe, “Air Pockets”, (artist book). / Adi Weitzman, “Adi’s Wall”. / Gal Kinan, “Lighthouse”, curator: Raya Zommer (catalogue). / Daniela Yaniv-Richter, “Useful Sculptures 2000-2003”, curator: Yitshak Djever (catalogue). / Jonas Liverod, “Thousand Revolutions a Minute”, curator: Raya Zommer. / “Hold Me Tight”, video group exhibition, curator: Doron Furman. / In the Olive Press Gallery: Irena Karnauchova & Yuri Pivchenko, “Home Sweet Home”, curator: Raya Zommer (catalogue). /


Tal Amitai, “(temporary) Happiness”, curator: Tami Katz-Freiman (catalogue). / Dror Goldberg, “Amalgamation”, curator: Boaz Tal (catalogue). / Osnat Weiss, “Censorship Getting Dressed”, curator: Raya Zommer. / Shuli Nachshon, “Numi Numi Yaldati”. / Ben Ben-Ron, wall work. / Tav Group, “Pit 2”. / Haifa WIZO Academy students, “Protest Chairs”, curator: Tamar Messer. / Shira Naftali, “Hadera SCI-FI”, curator: Rachel Nachshon (catalogue). / In the Pit: Vang Gong Xin (China), “Karaoke”, video, curator: Raya Zommer. / Peter Maltz, “Anima”, curator: Raya Zommer (catalogue). / Josiane Vanunu, “Around the Table”, curator: Orit Tal. / New works in the Museum collection, curator: Raya Zommer. / Efrat Klipstein, “Handle with Care”, curator: Raya Zommer (catalogue). / Benedetta Pedone, “Tear Out my Life”, curator: Raya Zommer (catalogue). / “Hebrew – Foreign Language”, group exhibition, curator: Shir Meller Yamaguchi (catalogue).


Marcel Janco, “The Lost Paradise”, curator: Michaela Mende-Janco (catalogue). / Merav Davish Ben-Moshe, “Revadim”, curator: Orit Tal (brochoure). / Meital Katz-Minerbo, “Home Survivors”, curator: Raya Zommer (catalogue). / Dalia Becher, wall work. / “Nobody’s Doll “, group exhibition, curator: Galit Semel (catalogue). / Rinat Kotler, Video, curator: Raya Zommer. / Irit Tamari, “Shed”, curator: Raya Zommer (poster-catalogue). / In the Olive Press Gallery: Emanuel Garibai (Philippines), paintings. / Yam Hameiri, wall work. / Aviva Margalit-Mambush– retrospective, curator: Sorin Heller (book). / Keren Shpilsher, “Malkat Hakita”, curator: Ora Kraus (catalogue). / In the Pit: Raida Adon, “Towards the Walls”, curator: Daphna Naor (catalogue). / Itamar Jobani, “Shekhina”, installation, curator: Hillel Roman (catalogue). / Natalia Zorabov, “Wanderings”, curator: Ora Kraus (catalogue). / Avital Bar-Shai, “Breathing Water”, curator: Raya Zommer. / Dan Chamizer, wall work.


Roy Mordechai, “Hashlaglags”, curator: Maayan Sheleff (catalogue). / Nurita, “Chain of Women “, curator: Ronit Milano (catalogue). / Adi Senned, “Kufsonim” – wall work. / Karin Mendelovici, “Crabgrass”, curator: Raya Zommer (catalogue). / Homage to Tuvia Yuster. / Hila Karbalnikov, “The Queue”, wall work. / Joseph Dadoune, “Milk Teeth”, curator: Raya Zommer. / Tami Ben Tor, four video works, curator: Raya Zommer. / Rakefet Winer Omer, “Do You Think Art Should Be So Direct?”, curator: Raya Zommer (artist book). / Revital Lessik, wall work. / Lajos Kassak, lino prints, curator: Galit Ben-Ami. / Claire Yaniv, “The Woman and the Soul Bird”, curator: Arie Berkovitz (catalogue).


Four video exhibitions, curator: Ronit Milano (catalogue). / Keren Gueller, “I Know What Threw Away Last Month”, curator: Ronit Milano (brochoure) . / Lea Avital, “My Heart Is Awake”, curator: Iris Mendel, (catalogue). / Yuri Katz, “Private Matter”, curator: Ronit Milano (catalogue). / Dror Auslander, “Bread, Work!”, curator: Ronit Milano (catalogue). “Video Act”, group exhibition, curator: Shuli Nachshon. / “Duty Free” – exhibition for sale, curator: Raya Zommer. / Maya Attoun,”Blood Related”, curator: Inbar Dror Lax (catalogue)./ Mona Oren, “Paradiso”, curator: Elinor Eshet (catalogue). / Katya Oicherman, “Collector’s Room”. Curators: Alexander (Sasha) Okun and Nina Schwartz (catalogue).


Yael Yaari, “Footprints”, curator: Raya Zommer (catalogue). / Alejandra Okret, “Japana”, curator: Elinor Eshet (catalogue). / Doron Golan, “Portraits”, video. / “Climbing a High Steep Mountain” – Marcel Janco’s works from the Mambush Collection, curator: Raya Zommer (book). / Tal Yerushalmi, “Har Manoach”, curator: Elinor Eshet (catalogue). / Elad Armon, “Matches”, curator: Elinor Eshet. / Sivan Ilan, wall work. / Keren Yeala Golan, video in the Pit, curator: Raya Zommer. / Brigitta Damns, wall work. / Wilfred H.G. Neuse, “True Faces”, slides projection. / “Portraits” – writings and portraits from the Vera and Arthuro Schwarz Collection in the Israel Museum, curator: Tamar Manor-Friedman. / Video Act II, in cooperation with Oranim Academic College, curator: Shuli Nachshon (brochure). / In the Pit: Nuli Omer, video installation, curator: Raya Zommer. /


Keren Geffen, “I’ve Never Loved Like I Loved Her”, curator: Elinor Eshet (poster-catalogue). / Anat Berman, “background”. / Entrance Gallery: Misgeret Group, “Gregory”, curator: Raya Zommer (catalogue). / In the Pit: Osnat Weiss, “From There to Here and Now”, video work. / Vered Nissim, “Turn off the Light, Please”, curator: Inbar Dror Lax (poster-catalogue). / Hadas Bar-Hillel, “Still-Life”, curator: Sharon Blum. / “Marcel Janco’s Golden Reliefs”, curator: Raya Zommer. / Noam Omer, “Tale”, video work. / Csonto Lajos (Hungary), “The Music is Beautiful”, video exhibition, curator: Galit Ben-Ami. / Chaja Hertog and Nir Nadler, “Embody”, curator: Elinor Eshet (catalogue). / Guy Goldstein, “Loot II”, curator: Leah Abir. / Rafi Perez, ” Army of Lovers”, curator: Daniel Cahana-Lewinson, / Michal Cole, “Secret Delights”; Zero Cents, wall work; Inbal Timor, wall work, curator: Gilat Nadivi. / Dorothy Robbins, “The Human Theater”, Curator: Arie Berkovitz (book). / Yehuda Poliker, “Museum of Dreams”, curator: Nurit Tal-Tenne (catalogue). / Shoshana Brandt, “Diagonal”, curator: Raya Zommer. / Dror Stabitzky, “Gradual Time”, curator: Raya Zommer.


Tamir Lichtenberg, “Academic Hour”, curator: Inbar Dror Lax (catalogue). / Alina Rom-Cohen, “Hold”, curator: Raya Zommer-Tal. / Ohad Milstein, “Stocata-Morphosa”, Raya Zommer-Tal. / “Drawing a Video” – Italian Contemporary Animation, curator: Daniel Capra (catalogue). / Joseph Chaaltiel, “Reflections”, curator; Dr. Irit Miller (catalogue). / Eilat Zin, two wall works, curator: Raya Zommer-Tal. / Sukyun Yang and Insuk Ju (Korea), “YangJuBang”, virtual wall work. / Ami Shavit, “Different Iconography”, curator: Sorin Heller (catalogue). / Tammy Mike Laufer, PIGS Crisis”, curator: Nurit Tal-Tenne (catalogue). / Gilat Zoller, “Spring”, curator: Raya Zommer-Tal.


Rubi Lebovitch, “home sweet home”, curator: Iris Mendel (catalogue). / Eduard Constantin and Ciprian Muresan (Romania), “Living in the West”, video. / Yael Balaban, wall works, curator: Raya Zommer. / “Making the Cut” – winners of the Oded Messer Young Artist Award 2003-2009, curator: Diana Dallal (catalogue). / “Site-Specific Wall Works”, group exhibition, curator: Rina Genussov (catalogue). / Eitan Vitkon, “Minyan”, curator: Elinor Eshet (catalogue).


Uri Gil, “Five to Seven”, curator: Raya Zommer, (catalogue) /Elham Rokni, “Five frames Per Second”, curator: Elinor  Eshet. (catalogue) Noga Elhasid & Halit Mandelblit, “Dead End”, Danny Sessler,”Faarina”, Anna Witt, “Birth”, curator: Raya Zommer/ “The End” – Honi Hameagel + friends, curators: Raya Zommer and Honi Hameagel/ Ella Amitay Sadovsky, “Lending” / Tamar Sheaffer, ” The possibility of a site”, curator: Raya Zommmer-Tal/ Avraham Eilat, “Depth of Surface – Forty five years of photography”, Curator: Gilad Ophir/ Marcel Janco, “The Contemporary, Illustrations for books and magazins, Romania 1947-1912”, Curator: Raya Zommer-Tal/ Merav Svirsky, Wall Works/


Tamir Shefer “Big Pressure”, Curator: Batia Donner, (catalogue)/ 3 Wall works: Yaara Zach, “Allow Me to Be Indifferent”, Velcha Velchev, “Mind+Eyes=Mind-Eyes, Ofer Rotem, “Distance”, Curator: Raya Zommer-Tal/ Ready-Set-Go, The Centennial of the First Ready-Made, group exhibition, Curator: Raya Zommer-Tal (catalogue)/ Manipulated Ready-Made, Five Takes on the Hebrew Encyclopedia, Curator: Raya Zommer-Tal (catalogue) Etamar Beglikter, “Face Book” / Acts and performances at the ready-made exhibition / Uri Radovan, “Skinwash”, Curator: Rina Genussov / Ester Naor, “I do not see the sky”, wall work. Curator: Raya Zommer-Tal / Tali Navon, “To Be Noticed”- wall work, Curator: Raya Zommer-Tal/


Marcel Janco, “Imaginary Animals”, Curator: Raya Zommer-Tal/ Nadja Nafa, ” Ein Hod Diary”, Curator: Raya Zommer-Tal /Amir Nave, “Nowhere”, Curator: Meira Perry-Lehmann (catalogue)/ Mohamad Fadel, “Gold”, Curator: Raya Zommer-Tal/ Liat Klein, “Second Field No.2”, Curator: Raya Zommer-Tal/ Pavel Zehnbacht, “Steel Flow”, Curator: Raya Zommer Tal/ Judith Maria Kleintjes, “Successfully Uncertain”, Curator: Raya Zommer-Tal/ Pairings: 4 pairs of Artists 4 Curators: Elinat Schwartz, Veronique Inbar, Curator: Ora Kraus; Raya Trinker, Buthina Abu-Melhem, Curator: Rina Genussov; Halil Balabin, Deniz Rona, Curator: Mirey Nasi; Doron Wolf, Doron Fishbein, Curator: Raya Zommer-Tal/


Konstantin Jakson, “Dadaffiti”, , curator: Galit Ben-Ami/ Cutout-Line  Cutout inn Contemporary Art:  Etamar Beglikter, “We Struck Oil!”, curator: Raya Zommer-Tal/ Keren Anavy, “House and Garden”, curator: Ora Kraus/ Noa Yekutieli, “Uncontainable”, curator: Rina Genussov/” Out of context”: Dilara Akay, Gil Desiano Biton, Nir Dvorai, Lilach Schrag,   Ruti de Vries, curators: Rina   Genussov, Ora Kraus, Galit Ben-Ami, Raya Zommer-Tal/ Interactive cutout: Igor Kaplunovich/Ulrike        Siebel, “Walk around Ein Hod, Curator Galit Ben Ami/ Farewell, Itche and Aviva trough the eye of Cathy Raff, Curator: Raya Zommer- Tal (Catalogue)/120 Anniversary to Marcel Janco:  “Homage to the Red Sea”, group exhibition, Curator: Raya Zommer Tal / The Human Figure in Marcel Janco’s / iOeuvre, curator: Raya Zommer-Tal / Zhenia Couso Martell, Angry Rubbit, Curator: Galit Ben Ami / Noa Leshem-Gradus, “In the Smokeless Air”, Curator: Maya Cohen Levy / Rotem Ritov & Gidi Smilansky, “Phantoms”. Curator: Rina Genussov / Ljiljana Bursac, “Logos Inscription”, Curator: Rina Genussov / Josef Schulz, “Poststructure”, Curator: Nitzan Shoval /


Dada 100: 12 Curators examine the basic principles of the movement in Israeli contemporary art: Nitsan Shuval-Abiri,  Irena Gordon, Yuval Meskin, Oded Kotler,  Avital Katz, Raya Zommer-Tal, Izi Civre, Hagar Bril, Rina Genussov, Nurit Tal-  Tenne, Vera Pilpoul, Dan Chamizer (Catalouge)/ “Design Art”, Wizo Academy, Curator: Rachie Wallfish/ Boris Lurie, “NO!”, Curators: Raya Zommer-Tal, Sorin Heller (Catalouge) / Oren Fischer, “Hope Market”, Curator: Nitsan Shuval-Abiri / Karin Doerre, “Plots”, Curator: Margol Gutman/ Macel Janco, “LATE DADA”, Curators: Ady Greenfeld and Raya Zommer Tal / Joachim Stallecker, “Dada Zitat”, Curator: Nitsan Shuval-Abiri/ Baltensperger + Siepert, Imaginary Landscapes, Curator: Rina Genussov/  Halit Mandelblit, “The Impossible Life” Curator: Rina Genussov (catalouge) / Tamar Lev-On, “The Hosts”, Curator: Avital Kats/ Shirel Safra, “Interpretation of Movement , Curator: Nitsan Shuval-Abiri/  Cristoph Korn, “Kairos”, Curator: Nitsan Shuval-Abiri / 


Itay Zalait, “Bull’s Eye”, Curator: Nitsan Shuval-Abiri / Amos Roger, “No Peace”,  Curator: Avital Kats / Guenter Krajewski, “Gold Piece”, Curator: Nitsan Shuval-Abiri/   Paz Die Dean, “I am cross”, Curator: Nitsan Shuva-Abiri/ Wilfred H.G. Neuse,”HABBU BABBU – Sweet Beautiful Parasites”, Curator: Raya Zommer-Tal/ “a village you are and to a village you will return” Curator Raafat Hattab / Bernhard Kucken, “Ecce Hommo, Curator: Raya Zommer-Tal / Marcel Janco 50/70, Curator: Raya Zommer-Tal / Masterpiss, Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Marcel Duchamp’s “Fountain”, Curator: Raya Zommer-Tal / 


Vera Lossau,  “Self-portrait as Snake Charmer”, Curator: Avraham Eilat / Range of Vision: Loron  Lupu, Curator: Nitsan Shuval-Abiri / Yasmin Kaspin, Curator: Avital Katz / Emi Sfard, Curator: Nitsan Shuval-Abiri / Bian Hasouna Alagu, Curator: Avital Katz / Michal Orgil, Curator: Avital Katz / Iris Nais, Curator: Shuli Briskin / Nehama Levendel, Curator: Nitsan Shuval-Abiri /  Marcel Janco, “Travelogue”, Curator: Raya Zommer-tal / Vahram Galstyan, “Between Instinct & Intelligence”, Curator: Avraham Eilat/ Daniela  Georgieva, “Schattenleuchter” Dance performance; “Pony”, Video, Curator: Raya Zommer-Tal/ Dense: 4 exhibitions – “The Life and Death of Yossi Waxman”, Curator: Rina Genussov / Shlly Roichmam,”Interior – Exterior” , Curator: Rina Genussov/ Shir Moran, “Aftertaste”, Curator: Nitsan Shuval-Abiri  /Julian Chagrin: “Robbery in Ein Hod Grocery”, Video, Curator: Raya Zommer-Tal / Rudolf  Pacsika, Curator: Avraham Eilat/ “Dense in the Collection”, Curator: Raya Zommer-Tal


Susanne Hille, “Rishrush”, Curator: Avraham Eilat / 3D Six sculpture exhibitions and wall works; Shlomi Schwarzberg, “Closing Paths”, Curator: Anat Gatenio / Nadia Adina Rose, ” Sleeves of the Trees”, Curator: Avital Kats / Hadi Kalil, “Anchors of Time”, Curator: Nitsan Shuval abiri / Lihi Shani,  “Mother and Child”, Curator: Nitsan shoval- Abiri /Orna Versano Malki, “Rebirth”, Curator: Shuly Briskin / Sarit Filer Manoach, Drawers of Memory, Curator: Shuly Briskn / Eyal Assulin, “MAU”, Curator: Nitsan shoval-Abiri / Anja Garg, “Heart<>Heart”, Curator: Raya Zommer-Tal / Lena & Oded Zaidel, :”I had a dream….Janco”, Curator: Rina Genussov / Robert Pufleb, “3 projects”,  Curator: Raya Zommer-Tal/ “Confrontation – NO!art group” Curator: Raya Zommer-Tal / Etamar Beglikter, “From Lurie to Lurie”, Curator: Raya Zommer-Tal / Bernard Langerock, Olive Trees Archive”, Curator: Avraham Eilat” / Duchamp’s Games, 5 Exhibitions:”C.O.L.D.A.S.S”, Curator: Raya Zommer-Tal / ”In  Motion”, Curator: Rina Genussov / Chana Anushik Manhaimer, ”Mrs. Ballpit’s Stage Widgets” Curator: Avital Katz  / Aviad Sajevich, ” Celebrity Salon”, Curator: Nitsan Shuval-Abiri / Sophie Cohen Scali, ”Where do we come from, Where are we going to”, Curator: Shuli Briskin / Brigitte Duemling, “A dance for Charcoal and Percussion”, Curator: Rina Genussov /


Anne Wissmann, “Morning Furniture”, Curator: Rina Genussov / More Sun, “Life Guard” Sound installation, Curator: Rina Genussov / Yossi Waxman, Metamorphosis, the Vermin, the Epidemic and the world”, Virtual Exhibition, Curator: Raya Zommer-Tal / Avraham Eilat,”Entrenchment”, Computer modified drawings, Virtual Exhibition, Curator: Raya Zommer-Tal / Shahar / Tuchner, “Chorona Days”, Virtual Solo Exhibition, Curator: Raya Zommer-Tal /Sima Levin, “Uprooted”, Exhibition at the web site and in the “Pit”, Curator: Rina Genussov / 125 to Marcel Janco, Curator: Raya Zommer-Tal/ Shahar Marcus, Johanna and me”, Virtual and video exhibition, Curator: Raya Zommer-Tal / Doron Fishbein, “Blue and White”, Virtual exhibition, Curator: Hadas Weiss-Peled / Dana Arieli, “Plenum Vacuum”, Virtual exhibition, Curator: Hagai Segev / Doron Fishbein, “but for the sky there are no fences “, facing”, Curator: Hadae Weiss-Peled/ “Fifteen Shades of Democracy”, Virtual exhibition, Curators: Avri Raviv & Raya Zommer-Tal /


Danielle Feldhaker, “FACELESS”, Virtual Exhibition, Curator: Raya Zommer-Tal / Lilach Peled Charny, “The world keeps spinning round, ‘Terrain Vehicles’ in Colorado”, Virtual Exhibition, Curator: Avraham Eilat/ Black and White – Group of Exhibitions: Shadi Twafra: “I am Shadi”, Curator: Nitsan Shuval-Abiri / Nil & Karin Romano:”The Secret World of the Introverts”, Curator: Izi Itzhak Civre / Sima Levin: “Uprooted II”, Curator: Rina Genussov / Moshe Ripner: “Perpetual Questioning”, Curator: Rina Genussov / Danielle Feldhaker: “Oculus”, Curator: Raya Zommer-Tal / Ronit Keret: “Colossus”,  Curator: Avital Katz /  Adi Weizmann, “A Single Bite”, Curator: Izi Itzhak Civre / Dina Blich, “Dadatitz”, Curator: Raya Zommer-Tal / Yuval Atzili, “Turkish Mustache”, Curator: Izi Itzhak Civre / Igor Kaplunovich & Pavel Zehnbacht, “Balance”, Curator: Neomi Gordon-Chen / Dana Arieli, “Empire in the Levant”, Curator: Yair Varon / Pinchas Eshet, “Seriouness and Frivolity”, Curator: Irit    Miller / Gad Charny, “Obscene Gestures”, Curator: Sigal Miller ./ Limor Tsror,  “Aliza”,  Curator: Avital Katz/  Carmit Hassine,  “Pupa”, Curator: Avital Katz /  Shahar Davis “Patterns”, Curator: Izi Itzhak Civre


Threads – Cluster of Exhibitions: “Weavers of Dreams, Janco’s wall tapestries at Mambush warkshop”, Curator: Shulamit Weinstein -Israel / Daniela Lerer, “Foundation”, Curator: Raya Zommer-Tal / Adva Kremer, “Absent Beauty”, Curator: Nitsan Shuval Abiri / Vered Pirchi Linenberg, “Prayer”, Curator: Izi Itzhak Civre/ Avital Baron Izackov, “Sharing a Self Portrait no.2″, Curator: Raya Zommer-Tal / Braah Abed Elqader, “Grace”, Curator: Rina Genussov / Yael Friedman, “Corner of Golda and Rothschild Boulevard”, Curator: Avital Katz / Tamara Turgeman, “When We Came into the and”, Curator: Rina Genussov / Andy Ceausu, “Face of the Rock”, Curator: Raya Zommer-Tal / “Inside/out”, Villagewide photography exhibition, In collaboration with Gallery 2, Ein Hod. Curator: Raya Zommer-Tal and Nir Harmat / Nava Harel-Shoshani, “Heroines without Titels”, Curator: Rina Genussov / Maria Arendt, “Inside Out”‘ Curator: Naomi Gordon-Chen / Revital Arbel, “Defloration”, Curator: Raya Zommer-Tal /  “Ruptures”, Cluster of Exhibitions: Ola Zaitoun, “Braces” Curator: Nitsan Shuval Abiri / Emi Sfard, “I am going to touch your heart”, Curator: Nitsan Shuval Abiri / Aseel  Abu Awad, “Holding”, Curator: Nitsan Shuval Abiri / Lilac Madar, “Temple of  Hygiene”, Curator, Avital Katz / Arie Berkowitz, “BaLaDADA “, Curator: Rina Genussov /


Artyom Gorbenko, “Local Fusion”, Curator: Naomi Rezinovsky Sella / Poli Blum, “Shrine”, Curator Rina Genussov / Katharina Mayer, “Enter Holyland”, Curator: Raya ” , Zommer-Tal / Andy Ceausu, “Ruptures Ltd”,Curator: Raya  Zommer-Tal/  ArTchitecture – Cluster of Exhibitions: “Janco Unchained”, Curator: Ileana Tureanu (The Union of Romanian Architects) /  “Marcel Janco Reloaded- Research on a Formal Alphabet”, Curator: Agustin Ioan / Nini Warschawski, “Houses in Pain”  Curator: Nitsan Shuval-abiri / Jan Stieding, “Looking in and Out”, Curator: Avraham Eilat /Kalanit Malkin, “Panel Coating”, Curator: Nitsan Shuval-Abiri / Karine Jancourt, “Urban Landscape”, Curator:  /  Nitsan Shuval-Abiri/ “Outer Refuge”, Photography exhibition, In collaboration with the :Ein Hod Gallery, Curator:Zeela Kotler Hadari & Raya Zommer-Tal / Osnat Ben-Dov, “Shadow of a passing bird”, Curator: Sofie Berzon MacKie / “Voice of the people” Group Exhibition, Special Project: “Adi Drimer, “ECG of a Disaster”,  Curator: Nitsan Shuval Abiri / Noa Orlicky, “Conversation with a Rock”, Curator: Nitsan Shuval Abiri /


Ein Hod 4G: Ben Zion Magal, “Place and Memory”, Curator: Irit Miller/ Benjamin Levy, “Memory and Fantasy”, Curator: Arie Berkowitz/ Noa Orlicky, “Conversation with Stone: The Constant Present”, Curator: Nitsan Shuval Abiri/ Gad Charny, “Number 2”, Curator: Zeela Kotler Hadari/


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