About Janco Dada Museum

The Janco-Dada Museum was opened in 1983 in the Ein Hod Artists’ Village to display the work of Marcel Janco and continue his vision for promoting art. One of the founders of the international Dada movement, Janco’s efforts led to the establishment of Ein Hod in 1953. The Museum, erected by a group of the artist’s friends, operates as a public association. It lies in the center of the village in theCarmel Mountains, some 20 kms south of Haifa near the old Haifa-Tel Aviv road (no. 4).

What will you find in the Museum?
The Museum seeks to preserve the legacy and vision of Marcel Janco, as well as the ideas of the Dada movement. It serves as a window on modern art, the activities and art of Marcel Janco, and the work of contemporary artists from Israel and abroad.

The Museum is divided into five display spaces:

– The permanent display devoted to the 70 years of Marcel Janco’s art
– The Entrance Gallery for the work of young artists and special projects
– The Lower Gallery for exhibitions of contemporary art
– The Pit, a space beneath the Museum floor for video art (opened in 2004)

– Boris Lurie Art and Dada Study Center
– DadaLab, an activity center where visitors can try their hands at the artistic techniques employed by the Dadaists, including collage, assemblage, ready-made sculpture, performance art, and more (opened in 2000)

In the spirit of Dadaism and Marcel Janco himself, the Janco-Dada Museumbrings together a variety of different disciplines that can be experienced both separately and in combination, integrating culture and art, education and activities, tourism and events.

Culture and Art
In addition to the permanent exhibition, each year the Museum presents some 20 changing exhibitions of contemporary art from Israel and abroad in a variety of fields, including painting, sculpture, drawing, video, performance art, and more. Each exhibition is accompanied by gallery talks conducted by professional guides from the Museum staff.

Activities aimed at conveying fundamental principles of culture and art are held in the Museum, throughout Ein Hod, and outside the artists’ village as well.

Education and Activities
The Museum is a central force in art education and education through art, offering an annual program for kindergartens, elementary schools, and high schools, as well as seminars for teachers.

The Museum staff conducts guided tours through Ein Hod, and special activities held in schools.

Programs specially designed for the visitors are offered in Hebrew, Arabic, and English. Led by staff members, all with academic degrees, they combine explanations of artistic values with hands-on workshops and tours.

Tourism and Events
Visitors from Israel and abroad come to the Museum individually or in groups. Most are looking for an experience that combines a tour of the picturesque village, a visit to the museum and Marcel Janco’s studio, and a chance to enjoy the natural setting and the view.

In addition to tours, the Museum organizes outings and team-building programs that include meetings with Ein Hod artists, creative workshops, and more.

Events for up to 100 people are held within the Museum and on the balcony with its sea view (120 m above sea level).

Since 1983, the Janco-Dada Museum has been offering the visitor a chance to learn about and experience a range of artistic techniques, both inside and outside the Museum spaces, as well as a wide variety of activities for all ages.


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