Gad Charny – Number 2

In this series the artist portrays human figures abstractly and concisely while examining them and breaking them down anatomically. The figure on display at the Janco-Dada Museum, which rises to a height of 1.20 meters, is made of corrugated cardboard – a clever, economical and lightweight material that at the same time is extraordinarily strong.  Additional figures from this series made out of cubes of planks and boards are on display in the village art gallery adjacent to the museum.

The series includes a small human figure, a group of mid-sized figures and a full-size figure. Is the series meant to represent a family unit? What are the relations among the figures portrayed in the series?

With the help of motion sensors and a concealed engine, the figures slowly collapse, pause for a few seconds, and then stand up in a manner that is choreographed, enchanting and human. This is what the viewing public sees upon entering the space.

This series began to coalesce before October 7 but changed its meaning the day after. Before the war, the collapse and subsequent rise of the figures symbolized the Sisyphean cycle of life, the shared universal human story. After the war, the series acquired a local Israeli meaning: a breakdown into parts and a subsequent rebuilding in an infinite cycle of adversity and overcoming marking the Israeli reality.

The unexpected is a significant component of the series. Even though the movement of the figures is cyclical, each occurrence is unique such that the figures collapse into a different form each time, in accordance with the theory of chaos. The components remain the same but they are organized in different and uncontrollable ways. They fall to the right, to the left, backward or forward, such that the movement is cyclical yet random.

What is the crux of the movement of the figures: Is it their collapse or their subsequent rise? Charny leaves this question open to the viewers’ interpretation.

Zeela Kotler Hadari Curator

The work was created in collaboration with Iddo Charny


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