Noa Orlicky – Conversation with Stone: The Constant Present

Artist Noa Orlicky’s first solo museum exhibition spreads across three spaces in the museum. The viewing experience offered by the exhibition invites visitors to explore it, starting with the entrance gallery, continuing to the video in the middle space and moving from there to the Pit at the core of the museum, where the responsive work titled “Conversation with Stone” is on display.

Orlicky usually begins her artistic work using a realistic painting technique that entails profound and careful observation, followed by visual and perceptual dismantling of a distinct form. These paintings often remain partially exposed, thus providing the viewer a glance at the preparatory sketches the artist has drawn on canvas. Orlicky subsequently photographs, films, and revitalizes these sketches using digital means as well as intriguing artistic collaborations with creators from other fields, such as photography, sound design, performance and dance. 

The stone motif is a basic component that often recurs in Orlicky’s work. She examines and documents the stone down to the smallest details. Light is another significant and recurring element in the artist’s video work. This element, which corresponds with divinity and creation, is often perceived as a channel for communication with additional dimensions and divine worlds.  Her use of images and components from nature together with elements of sound and light creates a cosmic/mystic force that aspires to capture the mutual influence of the material and the spiritual, thus providing a sense of profound mutability that stretches the boundaries of the human dimension.

In her work the artist also integrates additional elements pointing to the variegated world of content she examines – a world that finds expression in a tapestry of images taken from nature and archeology as well as from the spiritual world and from ancient traditions. Among these elements she inserts quotations from classical art. The ensemble of her work testifies to and reflects various parts of her personality and her image as a woman, a mother, and a creative artist. Nitsan Shuval-Abiri, Exhibition Curator


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שני עד שישי 11:00-14:00

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