the Janco-Dada Museum

Exhibition spaces

Exhibition of the Museum Collection

Selected artworks from Marcel Janco’s seventy years of creative production (b.1895, d.1984) are displayed here in chronological order, beginning with early pieces the artist created as a 15-year-old boy, including works he produced especially for the museum close to the time of his death. The display also includes an extensive permanent exhibit on the topic of Dadaism and other fields in which Janco worked, among them architecture, teaching, crafts, book illustration, and the establishment of the Ein Hod Artists Village. The texts in the permanent exhibit are in Hebrew, English, and Arabic.

Temporary Exhibitions

The museum offers around fifteen temporary exhibitions each year, on display in the museum’s lower gallery. These exhibitions are chosen by a professional committee and usually focus on topics related to Marcel Janco, Ein Hod, the Dada movement, avant-garde art, and special projects. Sometimes the space is divided among two or three simultaneous exhibitions that also use the space in the Pit. At other times the whole space is used for a single exhibition. The temporary exhibitions are curated by curators from the museum staff or by guest curators.

The Entrance Gallery

The Entrance Gallery opened in 1992 and is used almost exclusively to display the work of young and talented artists, and unique installations and projects in the spirit of Dadaism. The exhibitions in this gallery seek to expose the public to budding artists at the beginning of their careers in an attempt to encourage and promote their work.

The Pit

The Pit, a unique space excavated out of the rock under the museum floor, is used for displaying video art. It originated in 1997 as an artistic project directed and executed by the Tav Group. The Pit was sealed for seven years and reopened to the public in 2004 as an exhibition space.

The Library

The Boris Lurie art and Dada Research Center is a new center for the study of Dada and contemporary art situated in the museum’s upper gallery. It is open to researchers and students upon request. The center contains most of the literature written on the Dada movement and on Marcel Janco, as well as research conducted at the museum over the years, archival materials from Marcel Janco’s estate, and more. It also contains books and catalogues on contemporary art. The center hosts special exhibitions of artists working in the spirit of the NO!art movement and Dadaism.


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