The museum produces and initiates diverse cultural activities, organizes conventions and study days, and hosts plays and performances. The museum also offers a staged tour of the Ein Hod village and its enchanting alleys, including a visit to Marcel Janco’s original sudio, and possibly to another artist’s studio.

The Youth Wing

The Janco-Dada Museum and the village artists offer a variety of activities for fun days and learning experiences. The programs are adapted to visitors between the age of 5 to 105. Every age group can choose from several programs. The museum offers a choice of workshops, as well as meetings and demonstrations by the village artists. The museum has also prepared a program for disabled children.

The Dadalab

The Dadalab is an interactive exhibition in which everybody can assume the role of a Dada artist, break the boundaries of conventional art and engage in interdisciplinary creation. In the Dadalab everything is possible: objects like refrigerator, table or picture can pass through walls; a pot becomes an animation apparatus, and the imagination spreads its wings and soars high. The Dadalab enables the participants to gain an active artistic experience, inspired by the works and perceptions of the Dada artists. Beside the Dadalab there is a dadaistic workshop.


שעות פתיחה:

שני עד שישי 11:00-14:00

שבת 11:00-15:00


מוזיאון ינקו–דאדא, כפר האמנים עין הוד, ד“נ חוף הכרמל 3089000

טלפון: 04-9842350  (מענה 24 שעות)
פקס : 04-9843152