International Projects

The Janco-Dada Museum holds connections with various art institutions around the world, as well as collaborations including creating and organizing exhibitions.

Here are some selected exhibitions:

2002 – Art Center Manila, Philippines: solo exhibition by artist Ronit Agassi. Curators: Joselina Cruz and Raya Zommer-Tal.

2004 – National Gallery for Foreign Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria, Cultural Center Plovdiv, Bulgaria: solo exhibition by artist Vered Pirchi-Linenberg. Curator: Raya Zommer-Tal.

2005 – Contemporary Art Museum, Skopje, Macedonia: solo exhibition by artist Vered Pirchi-Linenberg. Curator: Zoran Petrovski.

2016 – Art Safari Fair, Bucharest, Romania: the exhibition theme – Dada and international avant-garde. Curator: Raya Zommer-Tal.

In 2019, in the City Museum of Castelbuono, in the Palermo district, Sicily, a group exhibition was held, the theme of which was migration and refugee-ism. The exhibition was a collaboration between the Janco-Dada Museum, The Civic Museum of Castelbuono, and the Stadtmuseum (City Museum) of Dusseldorf, Germany. Each institute chose two artists who traveled to Palermo to install and create their works on site.

My curatorial concept aims at the term “migration” only as a state in which a person takes a decision to leave his country when his life or his freedom are endangered. That was the condition of Jews in Europe before and during the holocaust. Through this perspective I wish to observe the state of African migrants who found refuge in Israel in the last decades.

The Israeli artists I’ve chosen to display in this exhibition cope with the duality in the life of the descendants of the Jewish immigrants to the State of Israel, who try to contain and live with the contemporary massive migration phenomena. The two artists live in Tel Aviv and they are familiar with the problems arising and respond to them.

Oren Fischer is a street artist, autodidact and activist, resident of the Shapira neighborhood, one of the areas where many African migrants settle. His artistic work is influenced by the daily struggle of his neighbors. Hadar Mitz’s observing look is wide and universal. She does not refer to specific cases, but to an elementary state of wandering. She watches nature and deduces from it to human behavior.

In January 2020, in the City Museum of Dusseldorf, artist Dina Blich opens her solo exhibition, “Still (a)life”.

The Düsseldorf-Ein Hod artists’ exchange program is a collaborative project between the Ein Hod artists village, Janco-Dada Museum and the Stadtmuseum (City Museum) of Düsseldorf. Under the auspices of this program, Israeli artist Dina Blich is an artist in residence at a Düsseldorf studio that has hosted Ein Hod artists. During her stay she creates works inspired by the city of Düsseldorf. The essence of this exhibition lies in its attention to objects—everyday objects, objects that are damaged, outdated or no longer in use. Dina Blich liberates them from their ordinary functions. With delicate attention, she molds them, restores their memory, orchestrates their surroundings. Like a psychologist, she listens to each object, helping it realize its hidden desires, come to life again, be courageous!

The objects tell the story of society and place. The project has two parts: In the first part, the Israeli artist tells the story of her home. For the second part, Blich asked the museum staff to collect dispensable objects from the people of Düsseldorf. She refashions these objects to tell the story of the host city.

On May 2022, in the framework of the international art fair – Art Safari, held at the Dacia-Romania Palace, 18-20 Lipscani, Bucharest, an extensive exhibition of Marcel Janco’s oeuvre was opened. The exhibition was organized following the initiative of the Ambassador of Israel to Romania, Mr. David Saranga, and with the sponsorship of the Ministry of Culture of Romania and the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The exhibition comprises of around 100 artworks by Marcel Janco from different periods of his life, displaying side by side diverse themes the artist dealt with throughout his artistic life, and their expression in Romania and Israel. The exhibition made room for Marcel Janco’s architectural work, together with his brother Julius, in Bucharest.

On August 25th, 2022 the exhibition : Marcel Janco Reconstructing the arts, Romania- Israel, was opened in the gallery “Cetatea  Medievală” in the city Targu Mores în Transilvania, România. The exhibition was transferred from Bucharest after being presented there within the Art Safari project. The exhibition was fit and filled in the two gallery spaces, including about 70 artworks and photography of Janco’s time in Romania and in Israel.

In September 2022 the second part of the exhibition “Migration”, dealing with migration and the state of refugee-ism, opened in the Stadtmuseum, the City Museum of Dusseldorf. The exhibition was an outcome of a collaboration between the Janco-Dada Museum in Ein Hod Artists Village, Israel; The Civic Museum of Castelbuono, Palermo, Italy; and the Stadtmuseum (City Museum) of Dusseldorf, Germany. Artists from the three countries participated. Three Israeli artists were chosen: artists Oren Fischer who created a work in large scale, Hadar Mitz who displayed photographs and video, and Avraham Eilat who displayed painting and video.

The exhibition “Voice of the People” opened on January 25th 2024 in the Bastion Gallery in Timisoara, Romania. It comprised artworks of 60 Israeli artists who responded with powerful artworks to the war, and the massacre of October 7th 2023. Original artworks, photographs, a projected video presentation, and video works were displayed in three spaces of the Bastion. A special space was allocated to original works by Adi Drimer, a survivor from the massacre, who painted two murals on the gallery walls.

On February 9th 2024, the exhibition traveled (in a smaller scale) to the Caransebes City Gallery, Romania.


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