Exhibit of the Marcel Janco Collection

The museum’s main space is dedicated to exhibiting artworks from Marcel Janco’s collection and to telling the story of his life. The exhibit, which is on a separate floor, includes an exterior space symmetrically divided into six rooms that envelop-surround the interior space, which is designated for rotating exhibits. Various works by Marcel Janco are exhibited in the interior space, as well as the work of artists who have created tributes honoring the artist. 

The symmetrical structure corresponds with the curatorial notion that attempts to draw a parallel between the 46 years Janco was active in Europe (1895-1941) and the 43 years he was active in Israel after his immigration (1941-1984). The division into parallel rooms also creates a parallel between the exhibits’ content. The room dedicated to the Dada period is parallel to the room describing the establishment of Ein Hod, which according to Janco was his greatest Dadaist act. The Dada masks are positioned facing the portraits from later periods. Works depicting silent nature from the Romanian period are positioned across from works Janco created in Israel on that same topic. The last room is dedicated to projects Janco created at Ein Hod, most of them in the spirit of the works he created during the Zurich Dada period. The space also includes a wall for exhibiting new works from Janco’s collection. 

  • Opening Hours:

    Mon - Fri: 11:00-14:00
    Sat: 11:00-15:00

שעות פתיחה:

שני עד שישי 11:00-14:00

שבת 11:00-15:00


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